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Why You Should Consider Refresh Smile

You will be getting dentures soon.

You wish you weren’t. You wish you didn’t need them. You wish you still had all your teeth or at least enough teeth that you could get a dental bridge instead of a full set of dentures.

Nevertheless, you’ve got some important decisions to make about what kind of dentures you will be getting and about where you will go for your teeth replacement.

We welcome you to visit North Shore Smile Surgery before you commit to anything if you live in Buffalo Grove, Chicago, or any community near our dentist office.

We would love the chance to talk to you about how our Refresh Smile procedure can make your dentures even better.


➤ You Can Restore Your Smile.

Let’s start with the primary reason that people get dentures.

We all know that our smiles look better when we have a complete set of teeth. When that isn’t possible, we at least want it to look like we have a full set of teeth.

The material used in today’s teeth replacements like more natural than ever before. These aren’t like the dentures that you may remember your grandparents wearing. Your dentures can be designed to look remarkably similar to real teeth.

As a result, you can smile as wide as you want the next time your children or grandchildren ask to take a “selfie” with you.


➤ You Can Eat What You Want.

Losing your teeth affects you in a lot of ways. One of the most apparent is your ability to eat. Even if you’ve only lost one row of teeth, you will find it much more difficult to eat a lot of foods that used to be no problem.

Biting into an apple or a buttery piece of corn on the cob just isn’t realistic when you don’t have teeth.

And the truth is, those things are still hard when you have traditional dentures. You may be able to sink your teeth into an apple, but you also may find that the apple is as likely to pull your dentures loose as you are to finish your bite.

Yes, you can always eat soup, mashed potatoes, and pudding, but you probably want to continue eating other foods that you enjoy.

Dentures can restore about one-fourth of your original biting power. However, you can restore nearly all of you bite for with implant-supported dentures, like the ones you will have after the Refresh Smile procedure.


➤ You Won’t Be Worried About Your Dentures Coming Loose.

We already mentioned one of the things that can cause your dentures to come out of position.

If it was just food, then you may find ways to live with it. The problem is that with traditional dentures, you don’t have anything that replaces the roots of your lost and missing teeth.

This matters because your jaw can shrink when you don’t have roots or dental implants. As you jaw gets smaller, this affects the shape of your mouth. That changes how your dentures fit. This can be uncomfortable, and it can leave your dentures feeling loose.

Over time, you may find that your dentures slip out of position more and more easily. This can lead to some embarrassing moments like your dentures coming loose when you try to place an order at a restaurant or when you are addressing a crowd of people.

With the Refresh Smile implant procedure, you can feel confident that your dentures whether you are ordering a steak just the way you like it or speaking at your child’s wedding.


➤ You Won’t Have To Wait For Replacement Teeth.

One of the drawbacks of many dental implant placements is that you may have to wait months for your mouth to heal after the procedure. That means walking around that much longer without “teeth” in your mouth.

With Refresh Smile, we can offer you something we think is better. By carefully and strategically placing your dental implants, we are able to place a temporary set of dentures on your implants before you leave.

Now, your mouth will still need to heal, so you won’t have your full bite force right away.

On the other hand, you will have something that looks like teeth, and this can help you feel more comfortable in personal, social, and professional situations.

When your mouth has healed, we will replace your temporary dentures with your permanent ones. At that point, you will understand how secure your dentures will be thanks to your dental implants.


Is Refresh Smile Right For You?

If you would like to find out, make an appointment at our Buffalo Grove office. Our dentist, Dr. Frank, can explain how the procedure works and answer any questions that you may have.

Just call North Shore Smile Surgery at 847.276.2500 or contact us online to let us know that you are interested in the Refresh Smile procedure.


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