Also known as your third molars, wisdom teeth make their appearance in the back of the mouth in the late teens and early twenties. While wisdom teeth can remain unproblematic, they often cause a number of health and aesthetic issues. Wisdom teeth removal is one of the most common oral surgery procedures in the United States, and North Shore Smile Surgery’s mission is to make wisdom teeth extraction as easy and painless as possible. This area of our blog contains helpful resources that can help you determine if your wisdom teeth need to be removed, as well as information about recovering from the procedure.

  1. Why Should I Have My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

    Have you ever wondered why some people are subjected to wisdom tooth extractions at a relatively young age, while others can go a lifetime without one? In today’s post, we’ll explain why wisdom tooth extraction can sometimes be a necessity. North Shore Smile Surgery is Buffalo Grove’s Top Rate…Read More

  2. What to Expect During a Tooth Extraction

    Tooth extractions are one of the most commonly performed oral procedures. While recovery is generally fast and usually takes between three and four days, many people have a fear of what tooth extraction procedures entail. In today’s post, we’ll walk you through what you should expect from a toot…Read More

  3. Common Dental Problems To Look Out For

    If you’re like most people, you probably dread the idea of having to go to the dentist. Whether you have to go for an annual checkup or you’ve had tooth pain for weeks, the unfortunate reality is that our mouths are a breeding ground for bacteria, both the good and the bad. In order to maintain …Read More

  4. Everything You Need To Know About Wisdom Teeth Removal

    If your dentist has told you that it’s time to remove your wisdom teeth, he may have referred you to an oral surgeon to schedule an appointment for the procedure. Wisdom tooth extraction is a specialized surgical procedure to remove one or more of the four wisdom teeth located at the back corners …Read More