At North Shore Smile Surgery, the satisfaction that you get and smile that you have on your face after having a procedure done with us is our main motivator. Dr. Frank knows that most oral surgeon offices are cold and uncomfortable, and patients don’t generally look forward to visits to see an oral surgeon. That is why Dr. Frank started his practice: to make your experience with oral surgery office a more pleasurable one.

Our practice specializes in bringing you top care with procedures like implants, wisdom teeth extractions, regular teeth extractions, and sedation dentistry. Over the years we have become a practice of a “specialized” specialist, which means we focus our practice on a limited number of specialized procedures executed with outstanding care. By continuing to limit our scope of procedures, we will continue to excel at what we do, as opposed to other practices who offer a wide array of services and specialize in none of them or limit the quality they can provide.

Technological Advances Helping Us Along The Way

Technological advances in dental surgery enhance our patient care and experiences in many ways, such as:

  • Improved success with immediate implant placement.
  • Decreased risks to vital structures such as nerves, sinuses, etc.
  • Improved implant placement leading to better function, long-term success, shorter healing times, and better aesthetics
  • Avoiding removable temporary prostheses at times
  • More predictable aesthetic results
  • Better diagnosis of pathology and anatomical limitations
  • Ability to obtain images immediately in office without referring to imaging center

Other technological advances that help make your experience easier are:

  • Electronic medical records that allow you to register online in the comfort of your home.
  • Fiber-optic lighting allowing for an enhanced visual field for us and elimination of the light above your head.
  • Cable TV allowing patient comfort in each room.
  • Custom-milled implant components for a better fit.
  • Enhanced patient education both generally and about our practice.
  • Sedation dentistry to make your procedures relaxing and pain-free.

A Job Well Done At North Shore Smile Surgery

To Dr. Frank and his staff, the best day that they can possibly have is a day where you are satisfied with their service in all ways. When you let us know just how easy your surgery was here, that is what brings a smile to our faces at North Shore Smile Surgery.

For questions regarding our services at North Shore Smile Surgery, contact us by calling 847-276-2500 or through our online contact form. We care about your oral health!