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Digital dentistry offers patients seeking to restore a beautiful smile the benefits of both improved accuracy and improved patient experience. 

We've been using the newest dental technology for over a decade. Through these years of experience, we have become experts at digital dentistry and our patients have reaped the benefits.

We have published articles and given lectures to our colleagues about digital technology. It is estimated that only 10% of surgeons offer these advanced techniques to patients. We believe every patient deserves these advanced benefits.

Whether you're looking to get a dental implant, your wisdom teeth extracted, or All-on-4® full mouth reconstruction, our practice has the expertise to make your surgery and recovery easier and quicker through the use of 3D x-rays, digital impressions, virtual surgery, 3D printers, and the Yomi® dental robot. Learn more below!

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WHAT IS dental Technology?

Dental CT scans are used to create a three-dimensional image of a patient’s teeth and surrounding mouth structures. 
A small camera is used to create a digital image of a patient’s mouth and provides a more accurate model than a traditional mold.
Virtual Surgery Software
Using a 3D printer, we print out a surgical guide to accurately place implants during the procedure. We use this guide to plan the best outcome for patient treatment.
Dental labs use the 3D images to fabricate final restorations. The result is a more accurately sized, shaped and custom result which leads to a better final result.

Advantages of 3D Digital X-Ray Images

Digital 3D X-rays provide much more detailed and accurate information than the older, traditional X-rays that are only two-dimensional.

With ordinary 2D X-rays, dental professionals aren’t able to get the information they need because they can’t adequately see vital structures such as the nerves, sinuses, and most importantly, the contour of the bone structure of the jaw.

Precise Information

Digital 3D X-rays provide extremely detailed and accurate information, enabling us to make a correct and precise diagnosis, thus reducing cost, time and discomfort for our patients.

Minimal Complications

With digital 3D X-rays, we can clearly see the bone and the surrounding vital structures, allowing us to get it right the first time and minimize the risk of complications and implant failure.

Patient Education

Digital images help our patients to become better educated about their procedures. This leads to increased understanding of issues and the proposed treatment plan. 

Better Results

Digital 3D X-rays make it easier to design the ideal placement of a dental implant for the best possible outcome, with results that are safer and aesthetically better.


Advantages of Digital Impressions

Improved Accuracy
Using a digital impression, also known as an intraoral scan, we can immediately see on the screen if there are any inaccuracies and take another impression in just a few seconds if needed.

Fast and Easy
Digital impressions can be done in just a few minutes, whereas with the traditional impression material, the patient has to sit with the “goop” in their mouth.  No more "goop!"

Improved Patient Experience
We can immediately show our patients what the problems are, so they have a better understanding of exactly how the treatment will benefit them, both functionally and cosmetically.

Digital Impressions vs. Traditional Impressions

Digital Impressions
Traditional Impressions
Provides color 3D image of teeth and tissues
No tooth color matching possible
Can immediately view model with patient Takes hours to prepare model to view
Eliminates the need for messy "goop"
Uses a messy goop to create the mold
Provides a more accurate model Potential for multiple errors in the process
Software allows the surgeon to create a 3D surgical guide Guided surgical template cannot be created
Can be merged into a virtual surgery software program to be used for diagnosis and planning Virtual surgery is not possible, leading to potential for compromised treatment results


Advantages of Virtual Surgery


Clear and Detailed

The X-rays and digital impressions combined together enable us to view a clear and detailed picture of our patients' teeth, gums, bone and jaw all at once on the computer.


Proactive Planning

The 3D imagery makes it possible to see, in advance, any potential problems in implementing the treatment procedure leading to fewer errors or complications.

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Pre-Surgery Practice

Using a special software, we create a virtual surgery plan which provides us an opportunity to create and rehearse the surgery before surgery is performed.

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Patient Understanding

The patient can see exactly what the surgeon will be doing when placing an implant, helping create better understanding of the treatment process and what to expect. 

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Advantages of 3D Printers

Clear Surgical Guide
With the 3D printer guide image, we can overlay a blueprint of the surgery plan inside the patient’s mouth, enabling the dental surgeon to work quickly and accurately. 

Shortened Treatment Time
Using digital surgery guides and imaging means fewer appointments, less pain, and shorter recovery time for the patient.  Using the 3D surgical guide allows for more precise surgery requiring less tissue manipulation and therefore less time and easier recovery. 

Increased Accuracy Without Complications
Using the surgery “map” produced using the 3D printer helps the surgeon to avoid any potential complications because the nerves, sinuses, bone shape, and contour can all be clearly seen on the virtual surgery guide.


Improved Cosmetic Results Through Digital Dentistry

Patients want great teeth. They want to be able to chew and speak naturally and have a beautiful, bright smile. Getting the ultimate dental restoration in place is what patients are excited about.

In addition to making the whole treatment procedure better, digital dentistry enables us to provide better quality restorations, such as crowns or dentures. 

Find out all the reasons that digital dentistry provides better outcomes. 

Quick, Easy, and Accurate

Digital impression technology quickly creates an accurate and detailed impression, allowing the dental technician to craft a perfectly sized and shaped restoration. 

Virtually Designed

Replacement teeth are designed on the computer allowing for detailed custom changes. Digital technology eliminates virtually all of the potential inaccuracies caused by traditional methods.

A Natural Fit

The patient ends up with a dental restoration that closely matches the appearance of their remaining teeth, so you get a restoration that feels and looks more natural.

Less Time, Less Trouble

The accuracy provided by 3D digital impressions translates to less time and fewer visits to the dentist. You get your perfect smile in less time and with less trouble.

Yomi: Experience a New Level of Care

Yomi-Enabled Surgery offers state-of-the-art dental treatment to help you get your smile back. It gives your surgery team important information on your teeth and jaws that helps them personalize treatment for your specific needs.

Yomi is the first and only FDA-cleared robotic device for dental surgery, and we are the only surgical practice in Illinois to have the Yomi Robot. It empowers our dental team to provide you with personalized, precise, enhanced patient care.

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Why Choose Yomi?


Efficient Treatment

Yomi allows for same-day implants and minimally-invasive surgery for candidate patients.


Minimally Invasive

Yomi may allow the surgeon to provide surgery with smaller incisions and quicker recovery.



Yomi helps your surgeon plan and place your implant precisely for a return to dental function and a brilliant smile.

Choosing the Best Oral Surgeon

When you're looking for a dentist or oral surgeon, it's important to choose someone who's both well-trained in digital dentistry techniques and has experience in those techniques. The technological tools are important, but skill is equally important. Ideally, you want a dentist or surgeon who is not only using the best tools, but who also has become very skillful in using those tools.

We've been using the newest dental technology for years and are experts when it comes to digital dentistry. Ask your oral surgeon what kind of digital tools they'll be using when you make your appointment.

Digital Dentistry: A Major Step Forward

The essential advantages of digital dentistry are significant, obvious, and undeniable. Using advanced dental technology shortens treatment time, it requires fewer visits for the patient, and it leads to a better final result both functionally and cosmetically, and with fewer complications. Digital dentistry is a major step forward – make that a major leap forward – in dental treatment therapies. If you're seeking dental restoration therapy, our oral surgeons are trained and skilled in using this wonderful new technology. Contact us today to see how we can give you the best oral surgery experience possible.

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