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Find out answers to commonly asked insurance questions, which insurances we're in network with, what our procedures cost, how you can take advantage of our affordable payment plans, and more.


    Our team at North Shore Smile Surgery is dedicated to giving you the beautiful smile you deserve, and that includes ensuring that your treatment is affordable. Our insurance coordinators have years of expertise working with insurance companies to maximize your benefits to the fullest. Before your procedure, we’ll let you know an estimate about how much your insurance company will pay along with any out-of-pocket costs. We also partner with several financial institutions to give you as many options as possible to maintain and improve your oral health. 

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    The North Shore Smile Surgery Promise

    We will always strive to: 

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    Maximize insurance benefits

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    Let you know what to expect

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    Provide transparency

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    Offer multiple payment options

    Medical Insurance vs. Dental Insurance

    Medical Insurance
    Dental Insurance
    Premiums cost more per month
    Generally, a lower out-of-pocket monthly premium payment
    No limit on annual benefits after deductible is met Procedures only covered up to a certain dollar amount (typically $1,000-$2,500 per year)
    Does not cover most dental procedures
    Most dental procedures are covered
    (including basic oral surgery procedures)
    Often requires preauthorization Does not require preauthorization
    Does not offer predetermination of benefits Offers predetermination (can take 4-6 weeks)


    What Do Most Dental Insurance Plans Cover?

    Consultations (both virtual and in-person) and diagnostic exams
    80% - 100% covered

    Dental implants
    About 50% covered

    Wisdom teeth removal (with anesthesia)
    About 80% covered

    80% - 100% covered

    Tooth extractions
    About 80% covered

    Bone grafts
    About 50% covered

    Not covered

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    To make our patients’ lives easier, and to help get them the most use out of their benefits, we have pre-negotiated discounted fees for our services with most dental insurance plans, including Blue Cross Blue Shield, Delta Dental, MetLife, and other carriers. This means that costs are kept low for our patients. 


    Even if we are out-of-network with your dental or medical insurance plan, we can still file for benefits on your behalf. If your deductible has been met for the year, insurance plans often cover at 50-80%. We’ll help you figure out how to get the most out of your insurance no matter what kind of plan you have. 

    In-Network Insurance Plans

    We believe that our patients deserve the best when it comes to their oral health and that’s why we’re proud to be in-network with so many dental insurance plans. We work regularly with these insurance companies and we make it easy to take advantage of your annual benefits.

    Even if we’re not in-network with your dental, medical, or discount plan, or you have no insurance, we’ll work to make your treatment affordable. Regardless of the type of plan you have, we provide all of our patients with a top-of-the-line experience.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 847-276-2500 or send us an email.

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    NSSS check mark Unicare

    NSSS check mark and most others!

    Patient-centered care

    When you contact North Shore Smile Surgery, you will realize that we aren’t like your typical dental office or even other specialty practices. You will be hard-pressed to find a more thorough oral surgeon than Dr. Frank. With our comfortable atmosphere, superior surgical care, and decades of experience, you’ll be comfortable from the moment that you walk in the door of our office.

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    How much do procedures Cost?

    How much does wisdom teeth removal cost?

    The cost to get wisdom teeth removed can be wide-ranging because there are so many factors that go into your treatment.

    Will you need one wisdom tooth removed or all four? Do you prefer IV anesthesia? Is our practice in-network with your insurance? These will all affect the cost, but we can give you some general pricing.

    The cost to remove one wisdom tooth starts at $200 and can go up to $3,600 for a complex case to remove all four with IV anesthesia, but the average cost is $2,200. With insurance, the typical out of pocket cost ranges from $500 to $800.

    To find out whether you'll have a simple or complex wisdom tooth removal, we invite you for a virtual or in-office consultation.

    Together we can help you maintain your oral health by getting your wisdom teeth removed!

    Learn more about wisdom teeth removal.

    How much does an implant cost?

    This is often a confusing question for patients as they typically ask what an implant costs, but what most patients really want to know is how much the total implant treatment costs.

    This depends on a number of factors, including whether you require a simple or complex bone graft, whether you need a tooth extraction, how much your insurance covers, and more. A high-quality Nobel Biocare implant (like the one we use) might itself cost as little as $1,500, but the cost for implant treatment ranges anywhere from $2,500 - $6,500. 

    That's why an evaluation is so important so we can determine exactly what your treatment plan will look like. We also offer monthly payment plans to make your treatment affordable. Together, we'll help you explore your options so you get the smile you deserve.

    Learn more about dental implants.

    How much does All-on-4 cost?

    The All-on-4 full arch reconstruction treatment often requires not only multiple tooth extractions, but at least four Nobel Biocare implants and components to be placed in your mouth to hold your new teeth. The entire procedure requires a surgeon, dentist, lab tech, and surgical assistants.

    The All-on-4 costs ranges from $18,000 to $35,000 for one arch depending on the complexity of your case, such as the materials used for the bridge and number and type of implants as will be determined by your customized treatment plan. Two arches are discounted when completed on the same day.

    This fee includes the entire treatment, consisting of consultations, x-rays, treatment planning, surgery, anesthesia, components/lab, provisional and final bridges, as well as follow-up visits.

    Many of our patients take advantage of our financing options. Learn more by booking an appointment with us today so we can help you create a smile you'll love.

    Learn more about All-on-4.

    How much do tooth extractions cost?

    Removal of fully erupted teeth starts at $90 and does not exceed $400. However, it is important to determine whether bone grafting and a dental implant are appropriate by evaluating each individual’s case. Please schedule an appointment so we can create a customized plan to address your oral health needs!

    Learn more about tooth extractions.



    Oral health is an important aspect in maintaining your overall health. At North Shore Smile Surgery, we believe you shouldn’t have to spend your life savings on staying healthy. We offer numerous payment options to make your visit to our Buffalo Grove office easy on the bank account, and we will inform you of all costs before treatment is administered.

    In addition to accepting cash, checks, and credit cards, we have partnered with excellent financial institutes that can help get you the care you desire.


    Care Credit gives you flexibility and convenience when managing your family’s out-of-pocket healthcare expenses.

    • Get an answer right away. Get started right away
    • Purchases of $1,000 or more are eligible for a 24, 36 and 48 month offer
    • Purchases of $2,500 or more are eligible for a 60 month offer
    • Apply online at or call 800-365-8295


    Lending Club Patient Solutions allows you to enjoy a more confident smile with flexible financing for dental implants.

    • With the Lending Club, you could finance a single implant for $99/month with a 60-month term extended plan with an amount financed of $3,000 or more
    • Estimate your monthly payments
    • Get more information and apply or call 800-630-1663 

    Your first appointment

    1. Consultation

    We’ll sit down with you to thoroughly discover your oral health needs and answer any questions you may have

    2. Technology
    When appropriate, we will use our advanced technology to get a CT scan and digital impression of your mouth, allowing us to best determine your treatment needs
    3. Recommendations

    After consulting with you and reviewing your records, we’ll put together a customized treatment plan that sets you up for oral health success

    4. Costs

    We’ll check with your insurance provider to determine the benefits you’ll receive and let you know of any out-of-pocket costs before your procedure



    Many of our patients ask why they have to pay their portion before their insurance benefits have been processed.

    As a benefit to you, we determine and estimate your out of pocket portion, and we only ask for your portion prior to the procedure. Our staff will let you know what the cost is after your consultation. 

    If you have any questions, contact us




    advanced dental technology

    At North Shore Smile Surgery, we’re dedicated to using the latest dental technology to make your treatments more predictable and successful.

    Our revolutionary approach ensures accurate and efficient treatments and we continue to innovate and invest in advanced technologies to enhance patient results.

    Find out more about how our dental technology sets us apart from other oral surgeons in the area.

    Learn More About Technology at NSSS