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Dental Implants

Permanently replace your missing teeth with implant dentistry

    Why should you get a dental implant?

    When you have a missing tooth that is not replaced, the bone underneath your tooth will deteriorate over time. When this bone is gone, your oral health is at greater risk of disease and tooth loss and, with several missing teeth, the appearance of your jawline will change. 

    Dental implants preserve the bone resulting from tooth loss by replacing the root system and giving you a brand-new tooth! Not only do implants revive the look of your smile, but they also bring back the function that goes along with having all of your teeth. 

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    Your implant options

    We want to cater to your personal preferences and personal situation by providing a variety of dental implant options. Dr. Frank will customize a plan to restore your confident smile by using the dental implant option that is best for you.
    Traditional Implants
    Mini Implants
    Mini Dental Implants

    The benefits of dental implants at North Shore Smile Surgery

    Your oral health is directly linked to your overall health, which is why it is very important to replace missing teeth with implants. Your quality of life will improve the moment the implants are placed. They'll look and function like natural teeth, allowing you to eat and smile with confidence.

    Make the choice to have a dental implant procedure because your health depends on it.

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    Highest Quality Materials

    We only use the authentic titanium implant system from top-rated Nobel Biocare™

    Advanced Technology

    Our cutting-edge dental tech allows for fewer procedures and shorter recovery time 

    Virtual Surgery

    We design and plan your dental implant virtually, leading to more accurate and predictable results

    Digital Impressions

    3D impressions are very precise and avoid the need for traditional "goopy" mold impressions


    1. Consultation
    Dr. Frank will customize your plan by selecting the dental implant option that is best for you
    2. Records
    We will obtain CT scans, digital impressions, pictures, and measurements 
    3. Virtual Surgery
    Virtual surgery will allow for accurate implant placement and shorter surgery time
    4. Procedure
    The surgical guide is used to accurately deliver your computer-designed implant placement

    What to expect at your visit

    From the time you walk into our office to your consultation with Dr. Frank, our goal is provide you with an exceptional experience. 

    You'll find that whether you're being checked in by our friendly front desk staff, getting a 3D x-ray done by one of our experienced techs, or meeting with Dr. Frank, we go above and beyond to answer your every question and meet your every need. 

    When it comes to dental implants, our experience and commitment to finding the right solution for you is second to none. 

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    The latest in Implant Technology

    Dr. Frank has taken steps to make sure that he and his staff are ready for each implant surgery they perform. This is made possible by state-of-the-art virtual planning software. Dr. Frank uses computer-assisted planning to perform the surgery virtually to prepare for the procedure.

    The virtual surgery helps predict what problems may arise, avoiding potential sinus and nerve injury.  Thanks to this process, Dr. Frank can plan for adjustments that he may have to make before surgery. 

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    Paul Dix

    "I expected Scott to be friendly, I expected him to care about his patients, and that’s exactly what I found."

    Elyse Fisher

    "l don't like coming to the dentist's office, or an oral surgeon's, but his disposition and his workmanship are something I can't compare."

    Marilyn Herring

    "Dr. Frank is a wonderful man, wonderful person. I love coming here even though it’s a dentist’s office."

    Marge Goglin

    "He explains what he’s going to do, he explains while he’s doing it and it makes you feel more relaxed."

    Laura Rose

    "As soon as I met Dr. Frank, I knew I wanted to keep him for any of my oral surgery needs. Dr. Frank did a great job and his follow-up was amazing."

    James Mayer

    "I think Dr. Frank’s a wonderful person. He does a great job. He explains it. If you have a question, he takes care of it, and it worked out great for me."

    Joseph Cvinar

    "I was able to walk the aisle at my daughter's wedding with a smile on my face. "

    Marty Singer

    "[Dr. Frank] is exceptional in explaining what the procedure is going to be like. He really seems to care."

    Michael Kinyon

    "I haven't had any problems since [I got my implants]. None. The implants are amazing!"

    Dr. Lynn Marie Konzen

    "I love coming to this practice because the staff is very friendly. I enjoy coming in there...The atmosphere is very warm, very clean office, and of course, Dr. Frank is a very nice person. "

    Gwen Smoot

    "Dr. Frank is very friendly, very informative, and he made me feel very comfortable." 

    Ronald Untiedt

    "When I come in here, I'm not sitting in here waiting forever. They take care of me right away and they get me out pretty quick."


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