revita-smile-logoWhat is ReVita Smile™?

ReVita Smile™ can change your life in one day. For those of you who have suffered the pain and embarrassment of missing teeth, there is now an amazing option to change you life.

ReVita Smile™ is an extraordinary procedure that has been developed to permit the placement of four dental implants and beautiful non-removable teeth in one appointment.

ReVita Smile™ is a modern solution for missing teeth. This concept replaces your missing teeth with a non-removable bridge, unlike a traditional denture that you will most likely experience movement, plastic upper palate and inability to eat many foods.

Why ReVita Smile™?

ReVita Smile™ can change your life in one day. You no longer have to suffer from the pain and embarrassment of missing teeth. There is now an amazing option to change your life.

ReVita Smile™ offers you the ability to walk into the dental office with either very few teeth or no teeth and leave the same day with a brand new beautiful smile!

Your own dentist works side by side with Dr. Frank. Both your dentist and surgeon have created a team approach for your optimal treatment. They are dedicated in providing safe, state of the art techniques to achieve proven and predictable results that will give you the opportunity to start the next chapter in your life.

Your dentist and Dr. Frank have been serving you and your community. They have created a team approach to offer you optimal treatment. The benefit of a team has shown to result in enhanced patient outcomes. They are dedicated to providing safe, state of the art techniques to achieve proven and predictable results. They believe that ReVita Smile™ will provide you the opportunity to change your life.

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One Day…One Procedure…One New You!

About Dr. Scott Frank:

Dr. Scott Frank received his undergraduate education at the University of Illinois and his Doctorate of Dental Surgery Degree from Northwestern University in 1987. Dr. Frank was selected from numerous applicants by the American Cancer Society to participate in a head and neck cancer externship at the University of Chicago Hospital. He then completed an intensive residency in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at Howard University Hospital in Washington D.C. This program placed a strong emphasis on dentoalveolar surgery (including the excision of wisdom teeth, extractions, bone and tissue grafts, infections, pathology and trauma and anesthesia techniques.) His specialized interests included hard and soft tissue reconstructive surgery, regenerative bone grafting, sinus bone grafting for the placement of dental implants, smile enhancement techniques, and removal of teeth and wisdom teeth.

Dr. Frank is the director of the Elite Dental Group, which is a member of the prestigious “Seattle Study Club” which is recognized as one of the most advanced an interactive dental continuing education groups today.

He has performed almost 1000 ReVita Smile™procedures.

Dr. Frank served as a surgeon of a prominent implant team, specializing in the ReVita Smile™ technique. Since his training he has focused much of his attention on educating dentists on dental implant restorative procedures and the ReVita Smile™ technique. Dr. Frank has been performing the ReVita Smile™ in our office and really enjoys being able to help patients change their lives!


“My experience with Dr. Frank and his staff was amazing. I can honestly say it was painless and am overwhelmed with the outcome.” Anne K.”The whole experience with Dr. Frank and his staff was exceptional. From beginning to end. I was treated with respect and kindness.” Jim L.

“Great experience!! Never felt better with my decision. I can smile again!” Karen J.

“Dr. Frank is a wonderful, caring surgeon. He has a true gift. He is complimented by his whole staff who are amazing.” Jeanne W.

“Although I am usually very anxious at dentists, Dr. Frank and his staff made me feel completely comfortable. They made sure I understood everything regarding my procedure, treated me with kindness and were very respectful of my concerns. I feel very comfortable recommending Dr. Frank to family and friends.” Wendy M.

“It’s very difficult to put into words how something I had dreaded for years become such an amazing experience. Dr. Frank and his staff have gone above and beyond to make me knowledgeable and comfortable during the entire process. The results were amazing. I wish I had done this years ago.” Marianne G.

“Dr. Frank was the consummate professional and made a somewhat ‘uncomfortable’ situation as tolerable as could be expected. He is a man I would trust and happily recommend to anybody considering Refresh Smile surgery.” Peter C.

Do you hesitate to smile because of unhealthy or missing teeth? ReVita Smile™ is your answer! ReVita Smile™, or All on 4 implants, is a fairly new type of procedure that allows for the removal of unhealthy teeth and the placement of dental implants in one procedure, during the course of one day! You will walk out of our office with beautiful non-removable teeth that are effectively identical to your natural teeth in both functionality and appearance.

ReVita Smile™ is also incredibly effective in eliminating the pain and recovery time that is coupled with other dental implant procedures. ReVita Smile™ aims to make your experience with dental implants quick and pleasurable. It equips you with a beautiful new smile that comes with little to no discomfort and the long-term satisfaction that you desire.

Benefits Over Traditional Dentures

ReVita Smile™ is your path to a secure confident smile and can make your life easier in numerous ways when compared to traditional dentures. Traditional dentures are often loose, movable, and easily removed when chewing, which leaves you with limited food choices. Settling with traditional dentures will also reduce the force of your bite, leaving you to swallow large pieces of food, which will affect normal digestion. Other problems you may run into with dentures are acrylic on the roof of your mouth, the use of denture adhesives, loss or thinning of jawbone, and the reduction of B12, folic acid, and albumin levels due to a compromised diet.

The benefits of ReVita Smile™ will become evident from the very first day that your implants are placed! You will no longer be restricted in your choice of foods because your implants will remain firmly in place with no movement. This will enable you to have a normal bite force, aiding your digestion process and overall health. Also, the bone loss associated with traditional dentures will no longer be a worry because ReVita Smile™ maintains the bone that would normally deteriorate after the loss of a tooth. ReVita Smile™ also provides long-term stability, maintains essential nutrients from an improved diet, and eliminates denture adhesives and acrylic on the roof of the mouth.

A Comfortable Dental Implant Procedure

Anxiety that you may have about the ReVita Smile™ procedure can be put to rest! During the 4-8 hour procedure, you will be provided with anesthesia to ensure that you feel no discomfort during implant placement. After the implants are placed, many patients have mentioned just how little discomfort they felt during the whole process and recovery period. Even if you experience discomfort, the long-term benefits of having the procedure done are numerous, and you will not regret your decision to have it done.
Further adding to your comfort level, your procedure will be performed in our state-of-the-art office by our world-class team led by Dr. Frank. Our job is to ensure that you are comfortable during your visit to our office! We want you to love your smile at North Shore Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery!

If you have any questions regarding our ReVita Smile™ procedure, call us at 847-613-4933 or fill out our online form. We can’t wait to see you, Buffalo Grove!