All on 4 Full Arch Implants in Buffalo Grove


An innovative method of replacing a full arch of teeth with implants to create a beautiful new smile

    What are full mouth dental implants?

    Known widely as the All-on-4® concept, implemented at North Shore Smile Surgery through a procedure called ReVita Smile®, this kind of therapy provides a scientifically proven, minimally invasive solution for patients with missing or multiple problematic teeth. This proven implant treatment concept has revolutionized the way dentists think of replacing a full set of teeth by offering a long-term, permanent solution with graftless, fixed, immediate full arch restoration in just one visit.




    The benefits of full arch dental implants at North Shore Smile Surgery

    ReVita Smile combines the extraordinary procedure of the All-on-4 implant treatment concept and the advanced digital/ 3-D implant technologies at North Shore Smile Surgery to offer patients who suffer the pain, embarrassment, and inconvenience of tooth loss the ability to walk into the dental office with either very few teeth or no teeth and leave the same day with a brand new beautiful smile!

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    Shorter Treatments

    Dr. Frank can avoid time-consuming bone grafting procedures while immediate placement of implants shortens the time to your new teeth.

    Lower Costs

    With fewer implants needed with the All-on-4 implant treatment concept, overall time and cost spent are substantially reduced.

    A Permanent Solution

    With All-on-4 we can replace a full set of teeth by offering a long-term, permanent solution with fixed, immediate full-arch restoration in just one visit.

    Avoid Bone Grafting

    The All-on-4 procedure utilizes available bone instead of implementing bone grafting that can be time consuming with a longer recovery.

    Immediate Function & Minimal Discomfort

    With a fully fixed full-arch prosthesis on the day of surgery, All-on-4 quickly provides you with a new smile with minimal discomfort.

    Full-Arch Rehabilitation

    We place implants in the optimal spots to give you new, non-removable teeth that are indistinguishable from natural teeth in function and appearance.


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    Who is a good candidate?

    The All-on-4 treatment is typically recommended for patients who are edentulous and/or need to replace the majority of their natural teeth, whether that's due to multiple failed dental treatments or other causes. They are also usually good for patients with low bone volume, who cannot have a bone graft due to health conditions such as diabetes or osteoporosis.

    Watch this video to learn more from Dr. Frank about who should consider this ground-breaking procedure to transform their smile. 

    The latest in dental tech

    For such a life-changing decision, you want an oral surgeon who’s using the best of the best when it comes to dental technology. At North Shore Smile Surgery, we’ve perfected our digital dentistry workflow over the past decade to offer our patients the best that the industry has to offer. 

    From being able to see sinuses and nerves as well as bone volume and density, our technology allows us to make better decisions, leading to better treatments and better outcomes.

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    Surgical Details


    Full Arch Rehabilitation

    Full-Arch Rehabilitation 

    with only 4 implants (2 anteriors and 2 posteriors tilted up to 45°)

    All-On-4 Dental implant

    Immediate Function

    with fixed immediate loading provisional bridge

    All-on-4 Avoid Bone Grafting

    Avoid Bone Grafting

    by tilting the posterior implants, utilizing available bone

    Your consultation & exam

    After reviewing your digital X-ray and scan, Dr. Frank will meet with you to discuss how the All-on-4 procedure can replace all your teeth  - in just one day!

    You'll get details about the costs, timeline, recovery process, and more. He'll even be able to perform your exam right in the consultation room. 

    You'll discover how this treatment will change not only your smile, but your entire life. 



    Full Arch Dental Implants
    Traditional Denture
    Secure & Confident Smile Loose & Mobile
    Enjoy Variety of Foods Limited Food Choices
    Normal Bite Force Reduced Bite Force
    Normal Health Digestion Reduced Health Digestion
    Maintain Jaw Bone Thinning Jaw Bone
    Long-term Stability Getting Loose Overtime



    Why Dr. Frank?

    Dr. Scott Frank is one of the most sought-after oral surgeons specializing in the All-on-4 treatment concept. He was one of the first oral surgeons to adopt this treatment concept and served as a surgeon on a prominent implant team. He has performed over 1,000 full arch dental implant procedures over the past 10 years  and has been dubbed an "All-on-4 expert" by Nobel Biocare. 

    Not only that, but he even offers educational seminars to other doctors who want to learn how to offer full mouth dental implants to their patients. He is considered an expert among experts.  

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    "Dr. Frank was very informative, professional. He has a lot of experience. I was happy to put myself in his hands. You feel better [after All-on-4]. You don't have problems eating. It was worth the money."


    "It's unbelievable that these beautiful teeth belong to me. I can eat and drink whatever I want. I smile a lot. I'm grateful for the rest of my life. It's life-changing what Dr. Frank did. The gift he gives to people is priceless."


    "Dr. Frank and his staff are the best. They're very compassionate and understanding. Never a no, always a yes. My teeth don't hurt anymore. I would recommend North Shore Smile Surgery to anyone."


    "I was extremely impressed by the professionalism, the staff, the technology. I was very excited that [ReVita Smile] could be done in one day. I knew I was in the right place. It's something I can't speak highly enough about. My only regret is that I don't get to come back on a regular basis."


    "From the very beginning they gave me options that I could afford. I am very happy that I went through with the full arch procedure because it has given me the most that I could do with my smile. Even now, after everything is done, I can still call for anything."


    "I want to thank Dr. Frank for saving my life because I was down in the dumps [before ReVita Smile]. He took on a difficult case and took care of me. They're very warm people. I can smile now!"


    "The first time going home and seeing my full set of teeth was shocking. I was miserable for 15 years, and now my kids love seeing me smile. I've loved every second of it. It's been one of the best investments I've made in myself, more than a car, more than a home. It changes who you are. ."

    Frequently asked questions

    Will my smile look natural?

    TheAll-on-4 makeover gives you non-removable teeth that look, feel and function like real teeth.

    Will I be comfortable during the procedure?

    With anesthesia, you are unlikely to experience any discomfort during implant placement. While all patients are different, many All-on-4 patients have commented on how surprised they were with the minimal discomfort they felt during and after the procedure. Most patients tell us the benefits of theirAll-on-4 makeover far out-weigh any discomfort they may have experienced.

    How does the All-on-4 makeover differ from traditional dentures?

    A denture is a removable dental device that replaces missing teeth. The denture needs to be removed by the patient several times a day for cleaning and maintenance. Common complaints include mobility of the teeth with loss of confidence to speak and eat, food under the denture, and sore spots. All-on-4 provides secure teeth that are removable ONLY by the dentist. Because they are fixed to the dental implants the teeth will not move with speaking and eating. Wearing a denture limits food choices while a All-on-4 makeover allows you to eat all the foods you love.

    How long does the All-on-4 makeover take?

    In most cases the makeover takes 4-5 hours for one jaw. When both jaws are completed the makeover takes 6-8 hours. You will be comfortable throughout the visit with IV and local anesthesia.

    What can I eat following the procedure?

    Initially you will have liquids and soft, non-chewy foods. You will quickly get to a soft solid diet as the implants heal for 4-6 months. Once the final bridge is placed your ability to chew should be back to normal.

    Is financing available?

    Yes! We can help you set up short or long-term financing arrangements. Please feel free to discuss this with us at your consultation visit.

    Is the All-on-4 procedure really done in one appointment?

    A consultation and diagnostic work-up visit will be necessary to prepare for your treatment. Once your customize bridge is ready, you will receive your dental implants and beautiful non-removable teeth in one day. There will be some follow-up visits to make sure you and your new teeth are healing well. The majority of our patients leave with their new, fixed teeth, a new smile and a new attitude in life!

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