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7 Ways All-on-4 Implants Can Change Your Life

Back in the days of your parents, reaching age 50 was seen as the doorstep to retirement. Today, hitting the "big five-o" is like a passport to freedom.  Your kids are becoming more independent, and your finances have stabilized. You also may be fortunate, all things considered, to be in pretty good health.

That's the good news. However, the downside of "50 is the new 40" is that according to the Centers for Disease Control, by age 50 most people have lost an average of 12 of their 32 original teeth. Then there's this alarming statistic: By age 65, a full 26 percent are on the downhill track to losing all their teeth.

So, if you suffer from bad dental health from causes that range from tooth decay to gum disease, your suffering could be compounded by uncomfortable and inconvenient dentures. Perhaps your periodontal problems are only kept under control by quarterly painful plaque-scraping sessions. Your dentist may have also told you there are indicators that you are a good candidate for costly root canal procedures.

At North Shore Smile Surgery, we would prefer to help you save your natural teeth, but we realize that tooth loss can be a cumulative problem caused by procrastination, poor dental hygiene, or just plain fear of going to the dentist (odontophobia).

Your stop-gap efforts in denture wearing may have progressed from a partial to full upper or lower (or both) prosthesis. Your digestive system could be out of whack because eating healthy isn't always compatible with rocking or loose dentures.

It's time to change your life

You could be a candidate for all-on-4 dental implants.  

The "all" refers to all the upper or lower teeth attached to a single prosthesis. "On-4" means the number of implants the patient receives as the implanted anchors for the full set. The implants fuse with the patient's jaw as healing occurs after the implant surgery. It's called osseointegration.

The implant surgery, while radical, is painless. Following strong sedation, you will awaken, and your implants are ready for the attachment of your new prosthetics. Most patients experience only mild discomfort. Post-operative swelling is easily controlled with over-the-counter pain medication like Tylenol. In some cases, the dentist will prescribe a stronger pain medication.

Implant surgery, according to the American Dental Association "has a 98 percent success rate if the placement is proper and the proper oral hygiene regimens are followed."

So, if you're a healthy 50-year-old, and you're ready for a brighter smile, you could be a great candidate for all-on-4 dental implants.


Seven Ways All-On-4 Implants Can Change Your Life

  1. Implants will be your permanent solution. Throw away those ill-fitting, uncomfortable, and inefficient dentures. No more rocking, slipping, or embarrassing moments when the dentures slide on your gums. Denture adhesive products are sticky and messy. The adhesive tends to trap food particles, which are a risk to further decay and gum disease to the remaining natural teeth.
  2. Your speech will improve. After an initial adjustment period, implant wearers do not experience the slurring and speech problems associated with removable dentures.
  3. Your digestive health will improve. With implants you can chew your food more thoroughly and eat more healthfully. As your food is more thoroughly chewed before swallowing, you can again enjoy solid food your old dentures or missing molars could not handle.
  4. Your looks and confidence will improve. A bright, open, and confident smile with healthy, white teeth could make all the positive difference in how you interact with others.
  5. Your bone loss will be repaired. Your teeth are like sentinels in maintaining jawbone health. As you chew, you stimulate and preserve the jawbone's strength. Also, without the tooth's supportive root structure, your jawbone tissue eventually begins to reabsorb, undermining the foundation that your remaining teeth require.
  6. Your periodontal problems and painful plaque scraping sessions will be in the past. Implants don't require rigorous maintenance. Normal brushing and flossing beneath the prosthesis at home will suffice. Also, visits to your dentist for cleaning and plaque removal to maintain implant health will help you keep the implants for life.
  7. Your implanted dentures can be easily upgraded, repaired, or replaced. As implants age, they require maintenance and occasional repair. While implant anchors rarely fail, their attached hardware can require replacement over the lifetime of the implant. Also, it is possible to accidentally chip or break an acrylic prosthetic tooth.

So, to summarize, your life will improve with your new all-on-4 implants because:

  • You'll look and feel better—and begin smiling again.
  • You will begin to enjoy a normal diet.
  • You will no longer experience the speech difficulties of the average denture wearer.
  • You'll be free from the former aches and pains of missing teeth and gum disease. 
  • Any bone loss you experienced before the implant will be permanently arrested.

Finally, there are two extra-added benefits to all-on-4 dental implants:

  1. This surgery does not require time-consuming, multi-visit, and expensive bone grafting. When performing the all-on-4 procedure, Dr. Frank will attach the implants to your available bone. Avoiding bone grafting also helps to reduce your recovery time. 
  2. For those who hate going to the dentist, the all-on-4 implant procedure at North Shore Surgery is completed in one visit on one day. No additional consultations or surgical appointments are required.


Want a healthier life?

If you are missing teeth and want to begin enjoying life and be proud of your natural good looks again, all-on-4 implants can change your life for the better. We understand that sometimes our patients become overwhelmed by life's circumstances and put off a life-changing decision that means a new commitment to health and self-improvement.

That commitment should be accompanied by a complete understanding North Shore Smile Surgery's all-on-4 implant treatment. We employ a procedure called ReVita Smile®, which is a proven, minimally invasive solution. It is a permanent, minimally invasive solution for you if you are suffering from missing or multiple problematic teeth—after just one visit.

Want to find out more information? Contact us and make and schedule an appointment.


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