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Overcoming Dental Fear

Between 5% and 8% of Americans simply won’t go to the dentist because of fear. And another 20% will go only if they absolutely have to.

Learn about the statistics and how we can help.

the stats

The sad statistics from above come from Dr. Peter Milgrom, director of the Dental Fears Research Clinic at the University of Washington, a practice that focuses on treating fearful patients.

Add those figures up and you get roughly 40 million Americans doing without regular oral care because of fear and anxiety.
These statistics mean two important things:
  • First, a huge number of people are putting themselves at risk of pain and a host of dangerous health conditions.
  • Second, if you’re one of those people, you’re far from alone.
Dentist fixing a cavity on a female patient using laser

Past Trauma

According to Dr. Milgrom, about two-thirds of fearful patients say their fear stems from a painful experience during a past dental visit. Other anxious patients have been frightened by the dental “horror stories” they’ve heard from friends.

loss of control

For some patients, the problem is the loss of control they feel in the dentist’s chair.

As Ellen Rodino, PhD, a psychologist who has studied dental fear, puts it: “You’re lying prone, a dentist is hovering above you and he’s putting you in a situation where you can hardly talk or respond.”

Dentist in mask looking at camera beside chair at the dental clinic-1

how we can help

Trusting an oral surgeon to do something like a wisdom tooth extraction or dental implant placement can seem even more frightening than trusting a dentist!

However, you can be rest assured that our office is more aware of dental anxiety issues than ever before. We understand that people who feel panicked about going to the dentist often know their fear is irrational but can’t control it on their own. And we’ve made it our business to help.

Don’t let your past experiences keep you from getting the procedure you need. Learn how we can help you have a calm and easy oral surgery.

Let us help you overcome fear together by contacting our office now! 


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