Are you thinking about getting dentures to replace your lost teeth? Then you should be thinking about getting dental implants.

And if you are going to have an implant placement in or near Buffalo Grove, IL, or the greater Chicago area, then you should be making an appointment at North Shore Smile Surgery.

Dental implants and mini implants have given millions of people with dentures more comfort and more security. Dr. Scott Frank can help you enjoy those benefits as well.

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The Right Placement Makes Dental Implants More Effective

Dental implants were invented to replace the roots of your lost teeth. But it takes more than sticking a few titanium cylinders in your jaw for you implants to prove the best support possible.

Dr. Frank carefully plans the location where your dental implants will be placed in your jaw. He also will help you determine what kind of implants will be best suited for you.

The longer you go with our roots or a root replacement, the more your jaw will shrink. This is why people who have traditional denture need to have them replaced or refitted frequently.

Dentures are made to fit in your mouth on the day you visited your dentist. Without roots or implants, there is nothing to spur new bone tissue growth in your jaw. Your jaw will continue to get small without new tissue to replace the old tissue that is being reabsorbed.

Dr. Frank will place your implants in the locations where they will provide the most benefit for you and your dentures. This will keep your jaw strong and healthy, too, so you won’t need to have your dentures refitting anywhere near as often as traditional dentures.

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The Downsides Of Dentures

Traditional dentures are an improvement over living without a row or both rows of teeth. Yet, there is a limit to what traditional dentures can do.

By getting dental implants from Dr. Frank, you will expand those benefits.

Think about life with traditional dentures for a moment. The dentures rest outside of your gums. You have nothing to anchor them in place.

When you try to eat, you need to bite into foods carefully so you don’t push your dentures out of position. Many people find that they can’t bite or chew foods that are too hard, too crunchy, or too chewy.

We mentioned earlier that your jaw will continue to shrink when you have traditional dentures. This makes it more likely the dentures will slip out of position and not just when you are eating. Saying certain words or sounds can be enough to push your dentures out of place, much less coughing or sneezing.

You should call Dr. Frank today to avoid these problems with your dentures.


How Dental Implants Improve Your Life With Dentures

Dental implants or mini implants from North Shore Smile Surgery can take your experience with dentures to the next level.

Your jawbone will bond to your dental implants as it heals from the placement procedure. This will hold the implants firmly in place.

Together, the dental implants provide a firm foundation to support your dentures. This support will add power to your bite. This means you will be able to eat more like someone who has all of his or her teeth.

Our dental implants also serve as anchors to keep your dentures securely in place. You won’t have to worry that biting into corn or an apple will cause your dentures to come loose.

You will be able to speak freely because nothing you say will cause your dentures to fall out. (Now, there may be other reasons you don’t want to say everything on your mind, but worrying about your dentures falling out won’t be one of your reasons.)

The first step to your stronger, more stable dentures is calling to schedule a consultation with Dr. Frank. You deserve to know if dental implants will help you.


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