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Dr. Frank: A Leader In Oral Surgery

Our world is an ever-changing place, and one of the reasons for that is for innovators who push the cutting-edge of technology.

This drive is what leads to breakthroughs that make all our lives a little better.

One of the company’s leading the way with innovation is Tesla. You may know them for their work in developing electric cars, which can have long-term benefits for everyone.

That’s also why we were honored when our own Dr. Frank of North Shore Smile Surgery was invited to speak about implant dentistry recently at Telsa’s “Future Is Now” event last month.

This is a recognition that a dentist right here in Buffalo Grove, IL, is trusted locally and across the nation.

Who Is Dr. Frank?

Scott Frank, D.D.S., has around 30 years of experience in dentistry. With the brief exception of a residency in Washington D.C., he has spent all of his career serving Illinois.

Dr. Frank was born in Illinois, and his career has been dedicated to giving back to his community.

After graduating from the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, he pursued his dental education at Northwestern University. in 1987, he completed his Doctorate of Dental Surgery.

But his education didn’t stop there. Far from it.

The American Cancer Society selected him for an externship focused on head and neck cancer at the University of Chicago Hospital.

Following that, he completed a residency at Howard University Hospital in Washington, D.C. with an emphasis on oral and maxillofacial surgery. During that experience, he gained greater knowledge of tooth extraction, bone grafts, and tissue grafts, along with a deeper understanding of anesthesia, trauma, infections, and pathology.

Today, Dr. Frank takes a special interest in:

• Reconstructive surgery (both hard and soft tissue)

• Bone grafting

• Implant placement

• Smile enhancement

• Teeth extractions

Practical Education

Dr. Frank has remained devoted to learning about the newest and best techniques and implementing technologies that make his patients’ lives better. The Academy of General Dentistry has accredited him to present continuing education to other dentists. This gives you an idea how well respected he is among his peers.

He remains a member of The Elite Dental Group. This group is affiliated with the Seattle Study Club, which is considered one of the most advanced continuing education dental groups in the country.

Everything Dr. Frank learns is for the practical benefit of his patients.

A great example of this is Refresh Smile, his version of the All-on-4® procedure for dental implant placement. To date, his has performed close to 1,000 of these procedures. Refresh Smile has restored the appearance of patients’ smiles as well as virtually the full function of someone with a full set of healthy teeth.

Respected By His Peers

If you look through our testimonials, you can hear for yourself what patients have said about the work Dr. Frank and our team at North Shore Smile Surgery.

This includes a video testimonial from Dr. Lynn Marie Konzen, who is also a dentist. She came to see us because of a cracked tooth.

Being a dentist, I know exactly what they do. I know exactly what tools they pick up, so “It’s sometimes more nerve-wracking knowing too much, but he makes you feel very comfortable and that was important. During the procedure, I felt pretty comfortable. I didn’t have any pain. I didn’t have any anxiety and I felt like I was in good hands,” she said.

From a professional standpoint, Dr. Frank’s peers have shown high regard for his work, namely, by referring patients to our practice for oral surgeries. You can find two of these testimonials on our Refresh Smile page.

One of them is from Dr. Laren Garfield, who has referred his patients to our office for years.

“Dr. Frank is incredibly competent at what he’s doing, skilled. He’s done more of these probably than anybody in the area, and that gives you a lot of confidence,” Dr. Garfield said. “As he himself would say, he’s cut down, when he started, how long it took him to do the first case versus how long it takes him to do now because he knows all these things that you need to do to do it efficiently.”

Get To Know More About Us

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