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How Losing Wisdom Teeth Gains a Healthy Smile

One thing Dr. Scott Frank likes to make extremely clear is that the benefits of wisdom teeth extraction far outweigh any of the negative side effects that are likely to happen.

You might be concerned about the pain and the recovery period, but losing those four teeth can be the key to having a healthy smile.

fear of the pain

Let’s focus on pain, specifically. Of course it may be frightening or cause anxiety to have your wisdom teeth removed...often four of them at a time! For many, It’s scary, but when you think about the pain aspect, you should consider the pain you may be in for years to come if you DON’T get those teeth removed.
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When a doctor recommends wisdom tooth removal, that doctor knows the many possible problems that may occur in the future. A wisdom tooth that becomes infected, impacted, or decayed will cause you more pain than the procedure to have your teeth taken out.

If you don't get your wisdom teeth removed, there can be very serious consequences, such as cysts, tumors, loss of adjacent teeth, and higher risks of sinus or nerve complications as you get older. When possible, Dr. Frank has found that removing teeth before the roots fully develop is less complicated and results in far fewer complications.


The pain of surgery can be frightening (though with IV anesthesia, we can minimize or eliminate your discomfort), but the pain of inaction is even more frightening.

It can be scary to consider an oral surgery like wisdom teeth removal, even when it's necessary, but we're committed to making you comfortable and helping you achieve a healthier smile.

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