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Improving Dental Implant Results Through Digital Dentistry

Digital implant dentistry is one of the major technological advances that significantly improved cosmetic dentistry. New digital technology offers patients seeking to restore a beautiful, ideal smile with dental implants the benefits of both with an easier, more streamlined treatment process and improved results.

Dental implants are an increasingly popular option for treating tooth loss or damaged teeth because they not only work to revive the appearance of your smile but also offer the health benefits of preventing bone loss in your jaw and restoring the full functionality of having all your teeth. Dental implants enable patients to once again enjoy eating all of the foods they like, without suffering discomfort in their teeth or gums.

getting great teeth

While the technological advances in placing dental implants are really exciting, the fact is that patients don’t go to the dentist or oral surgeon because they want dental implants. What the patient wants is great teeth. They want to be able to chew and speak naturally and have a beautiful, bright smile. Getting the ultimate dental restoration in place is what patients are excited about.
The good news is that, in addition to making the whole treatment procedure better, the new digital dentistry also enables dentists to provide better quality restorations, such as crowns or dentures.

improving the quality of REPLACEMENT TEETH

All of the benefits and advantages in relation to improving the oral surgery and implant placement procedure also apply to improving the quality of dental restorations. First of all, the digital impression technology means that the dentist doesn’t have to use the traditional impression material – the “goop” – and so getting an impression is a much quicker, easier, and a more pleasant experience for the patient.
Secondly, the digital impression gives the dentist a much more accurate and detailed impression for the dental lab to use in creating a restoration. The dental technician can craft a much more perfectly sized and shaped restoration. With digital dentistry, there’s rarely any need to remake a restoration.

The replacement teeth are designed on the computer, in the same way that the virtual surgery can be mapped out. The dentist and the lab technician who will actually be making the restoration can look at the digital imagery together, and are able to communicate and collaborate about the desired final result before actually making the replacement teeth.

With the traditional methods of making restorations such as crowns and bridges, there are many steps and materials that can potentially create inaccuracies. Using digital technology eliminates virtually all of those potential problems. 


improving cosmetic results and THE patient'S experience

Digital impressions enable the dental lab to make a restoration that fits more perfectly. They also enable the dentist and lab technician to clearly see the color shade of the adjacent teeth, so that you get a better color match with the replacement teeth and the patient’s natural teeth. That makes for a significant improvement as far as the ultimate cosmetic result. The patient ends up with a dental restoration that closely matches their remaining teeth, so you get a restoration that feels and looks more natural.

As is the case with the process of getting dental surgery and an implant placed, the precision accuracy provided by 3D digital impressions translates to less time and fewer visits to the dentist being required, so it’s something that just makes things easier overall for the patient. They can get their perfect smile in less time and with less trouble.

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This blog post is based on an excerpt from Dr. Scott Frank's chapter in the book, "A Reason to Smile: Fixing Broken Confidence with Cosmetic Dentistry." 


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