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Sally’s Addition By Tooth Extraction

Sally brushed her teeth, but she had never made oral care a priority. Sometimes she flossed, and when the mood struck, she would go to the dentist for a cleaning.

Otherwise, she didn’t pay much attention to her teeth.

Then one day her teeth started to hurt. At first, she ignored it. She took some ibuprofen and went on with whatever else she had planned for that day.

It became harder and more painful for Sally to eat, and finally, she’d had enough. She was going to make an appointment with her general dentist in Buffalo Grove, IL.

That’s when she got some bad news.

“If you had come to see us sooner, we probably could have removed the infection and saved your tooth with a root canal treatment,” Sally’s dentist said. “Now, you have two teeth that need to be removed.”

Sally felt dejected. How could she have let her mouth get in this condition?

The dentist told that he didn’t do extractions in his office, so he told Sally to call North Shore Smile Surgery to make an appointment.


Sally Comes To The Office

Sally wasn’t sure what to expect from a dentist office that was primarily focused on oral surgery. She was pleasantly surprised when she arrived for her consultation, however.

The lobby was comfortable and spacious, and they had coffee and cold drinks available while she waited to see the dentist (which wasn’t long).

Dr. Frank explained that he had received a report from Sally’s dentist, and he understood that she needed a couple teeth extracted.

He examined her mouth, and he explained how the procedure would be performed. He told her about the different kinds of sedation options they could use to help her feel relaxed and pain-free throughout her extraction.

He took the time to answer all her questions. This is the first time Sally had ever needed surgery, and the prospect of oral surgery wasn’t exactly a pleasant thought for her.

Sally had another concern as well. What would her life be like after her teeth were removed? She worried that people would notice her missing teeth, and this made her feel self-conscious.

Dr. Frank explained that they could replace her teeth as well. Dental implants could be placed into her jaw, and a dental bridge could be added to give her the appearance of a full set of teeth.

As her mouth healed, she would be able to use the dental bridge just like her real teeth.

Sally made an appointment for her teeth extraction procedure, and she left feeling better about what needed to happen.


The Upside Of Losing A Couple Teeth

The tooth decay had taken quite a toll on two of Sally’s teeth. She understood that if she did not remove those teeth, then she was putting more teeth and her jawbone at risk.

By removing her teeth, she would be removing the infection as well.

The staff at North Shore Smile Surgery had explained what she needed to do in preparation for her surgery. She avoided eating or drinking anything in the six hours leading up to her appointment.

She had a vague recollection of the dental team connecting an IV, but then she woke up later with no memory of the procedure itself. Her friend was there to take her home.

Sally’s friend went over the instructions from Dr. Frank about what to do during her recovery. Sally also knew that she could always call the dental staff if she had any questions or concerns.


Two Years Later …

Sally followed her tooth extraction with the dental implant and dental bridge that Dr. Frank had recommended.

Only people who knew about Sally’s procedure realize that some of her teeth aren’t real. The dental bridge looks so natural that it blends in perfectly with the rest of her smile. And just as important, the bridge works as well as Sally’s natural teeth. She can bite and chew with confidence that her dental bridge will stay in place.

Sally also learned some important lessons as a result of her experience. Today, she is much more deliberate about brushing and flossing her teeth and about visiting her dentist.

But she also knows exactly who she will recommend if any of her friends ever need teeth removed or any other kind of oral surgery.


Learn From Sally’s Story

Sally may not be a real person, but we know that other people have gone through similar experiences. If you or someone you love needs teeth extracted, we hope you will contact our dentist office in Buffalo Grove, IL.

The best way to get started is to schedule a consultation. You can reach by phone by calling 847-276-2500 or by filling out our online form.


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