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To Get Secure Dentures, Get A Bone Graft

Maybe you've grown tired of your dentures slipping out of place when you try to talk or eat. You've thought about implant-supported dentures, but you’ve been told that you can’t get them.

Before you give up on getting dental implants, considering consulting Dr. Scott Frank of North Shore Smile Surgery.

Dr. Frank has helped hundreds of people in similar situations through a procedure called a bone graft. Learn more about this process and how it can help you get dental implants below.

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A bone graft is only part of the process of getting implant-supported dentures.

We understand the frustrations that can become commonplace with traditional dentures. We hear similar complaints from many of our patients during consultations. Their dentures fall out when they are eating. Their dentures slip out of place when they are talking to someone.

And these problems get worse the longer they have those dentures.

The longer you live with traditional dentures, the more your jawbone will shrink. That will change the shape of your mouth. That then affects the fit of your dentures, which causes them to come loose more often.

A shrinking jawbone also creates a problem when it comes time to place dental implants in your mouth. You need a certain amount of bone to hold your implants. Otherwise, the implants won’t be able to support your dentures.

Dr. Frank can help by performing what is essentially a bone transplant. To rebuild your jawbone, bone tissue can be taken from another of your bones or from bone tissue provided by a donor.

You will need time to heal after this procedure. As you do, your existing jawbone will grow together with the transplanted bone tissue. This will add mass to your jawbone so it can support your dental implants.



Once you have recovered and healed from your bone graft, Dr. Frank can proceed with your dental implant placement.

At this point, you will have a jawbone that is strong enough to hold and secure your dental implants.

Dr. Frank is a nationally recognized expert on these kinds of procedures. The courses that he presents on oral surgery are recognized by the Academy of General Dentistry as continuing education credit for dentists and oral surgeons around the United States.

In other words, Dr. Frank is one of the oral surgeons who other oral surgeons learn from to get better. This also explains why so many dentists refer their patients to North Shore Smile Surgery for a variety of oral surgeries.

You can trust that your dentures will remain in place when they are attached to a series of dental implants that were placed by Dr. Frank.

But that can only happen if you make your appointment for this procedure at our office.

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So far we have discussed using bone grafts to restore your jawbone to a sufficient size to support dental implants. This is a step in the process of getting implant-supported dentures.

There is another reason Dr. Frank may recommend a bone graft, however. A particular kind of bone graft called a socket graft can help you maintain your jaw shape a little longer.

If you are having a tooth extraction or removed, this will create a gap in your smile, but it also creates a hole in your jaw.

We would recommend replacing the lost tooth with a dental implant and dental crown (or implants and a dental bridge to replace multiple teeth). Sometimes this isn’t possible right away.

A socket graft is a way to fill that hole with bone tissue. This won’t stop your bone from shrinking, but it will give you a way to maintain more of your bone mass until you can replace the extracted tooth.

The main thing to remember is this: You can always come to North Shore Smile Surgery for your tooth replacement needs. Whether you need dental implants or a bone graft, Dr. Frank has the skill and expertise to restore your smile.

Dr. Frank wants to help, especially if you’ve been told by another oral surgeon that you don’t have enough bone to support dental implants. A bone graft at our office will get your mouth back in shape so you can get implant-supported dentures.

To find out exactly what you'll need, start by scheduling a consultation at our office! 


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