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What To Expect During Your Oral Surgery

Halloween returns at the end of this month, but today we want to discuss something that many people find even scarier — oral surgery.

No one wants to have surgery, especially is that surgery involves your mouth. That’s a perfectly understandable sentiment.

If you find yourself in this situation, you want to know that you are in the hands of someone you can trust. Someone like our oral surgeon, Dr. Scott Frank.

You can learn more about Dr. Frank and about North Shore Smile Surgery below.

Or you can schedule a consultation at our office in Buffalo Grove, IL, by calling our contacting us online.


Getting Ready For Oral Surgery

Dr. Frank has performed thousands of oral surgeries for his career, but he also realizes that for most patients, this is a new experience. Whether you are coming to have a tooth extraction, a dental implant placement, or both, we want to help you through each step of the process.

Some of our most common questions are from patients who want to know how to prepare for their oral surgery.

The first step is steps is providing information. Our new patient forms can be filled out from the convenience of your home, which allows you to complete the necessary paperwork at your convenience. You can also ways call us if you have questions about the forms.

It’s particularly important that you provide us with a list of medications you are taking. This should include both prescription and over-the-counter medications. Aspirin, fish oil, or other supplements can cause blood thinning which Dr. Frank and our staff need to know about before your procedure.

As part of your information sharing, be sure to have your general or family dentist forward any X-rays to our office. With digital X-rays, these can often be emailed for faster delivery. Encourage your dentist to include any addition information in writing that would be useful for Dr. Frank or our staff to know.

We encourage you to get good rest the night before your procedure at North Shore Smile Surgery.

As part of your oral surgery preparation, you should avoid eating or drinking anything (including water) during the six hours leading up to your procedure. This fasting makes your anesthetic or sedation more effective. (A light meal is OK for patient receiving nitrous oxide, although we do emphasize light.)

Many patients have questions about insurance coverage. By forwarding your insurance information with us, our staff can work to get the most benefits for you.


Recovering From Oral Surgery

What you do before your oral surgery is important, and so is your recovery.

Our staff at North Shore Smile Surgery will go over your post-surgery instructions as part of your preparations.

Following the recommended steps after your procedure will improve your recovery process.

A common concern is eating after oral surgery. In many cases, you won’t be able to eat normally in the immediate aftermath of your procedure. Many patients will start on a liquid diet and gradually introduce soft foods. With time, you will be back to eating the foods you would normally eat.

Dr. Frank has a simpler way of putting it. As long as it doesn’t hurt while you are eating something, then you are probably OK eating the right things.

Soreness is common after oral surgery. Some bleeding may be expected as well, depending on the kind of oral surgery you received.

Our staff will coach you on how to deal with bleeding, swelling, and pain in the aftermath of your procedure. And again, you can always call us if you have questions or concerns. we want to make your recovery as comfortable as we can.

Another common concern is how long you will need to stay home from work. This will vary from person-to-person and depend on the kind of oral surgery you received. We will help you figure out when you are ready to return to your everyday activities, however.


Why Dr. Frank Should Do Your Oral Surgery

Dr. Frank is an oral surgeon with vast experience with all the procedures that we perform in our office in Buffalo Grove, IL.

He also is accredited by the Academy of General Dentistry to award credit for continuing education for courses sponsored by North Shore Smile Surgery and The Elite Dental Group. In other words, Dr. Frank is one of the oral surgeons who helps teach other oral surgeons.

To schedule your consultation with Dr. Frank, call 847-276-2500 or fill out our online form.


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