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The Yomi Dental Robotic System

If you're preparing for dental implant surgery, including All-on-4® full arch restoration, Yomi-Enabled Surgery provides state-of-the-art treatment to help you get your smile back!


Yomi by Neocis provides assistance to the dental surgeon in planning and placing your implants. Yomi provides dental surgeons with robotic guidance during surgery. This helps your dental team place your implant precisely for a natural look and feel.


Are robotic procedures new?

Robotic assistance is becoming a standard of care in medicine, used to help over one million patients every year. Yomi is the first and only system for robotic guidance for dental surgery in the United States.

Does Yomi replace my dental surgeon? 

Yomi does not replace your dental surgeon. Yomi gives your dental surgeon helpful assistance. The dental surgeon holds onto and directs the Yomi instruments. Yomi combines your dental surgeon’s skill with the benefits of robotic surgery.


What can I expect with Yomi surgery?

If Yomi is right for you, your dental team will create a custom treatment plan with Yomi software. During surgery, Yomi will assist your surgeon. Yomi will provide important information that your dentist can feel, hear and see.


Yomi promotes a more convenient treatment experience, with fewer visits due to a digitally guided flow. Yomi allows for same-day implants and flapless surgery for candidate patients.

Yomi assists the dental team in providing highly efficient treatment for an elevated patient care experience.

"With Yomi, the doctor and the staff have more time and attention on you and what’s going on with you,” - Jane Bozarth, Yomi patient

How do Yomi Robotic Implants Compare to Traditional Implants?

Free-hand is the traditional technique for dental implant surgery. In free-hand surgery, the surgeon uses a hand-held instrument to place your implant. The surgeon places the implant after looking closely at your bone, gums, and nearby teeth.

Exact implant placement can sometimes be challenging with free-hand surgery. Printed or milled surgical guides fit to your teeth with guide holes for the implant. Guides do not allow the surgeon to make changes to the plan during surgery. This may result in delays to complete your surgery. Sometimes surgical guides may not work well due to poor fit. This may also result in delays to complete your surgery.

Guides may not be a good option for hard-to-reach areas. However, guides may make it easier to place your implants in exactly the right place. Like Yomi-Enabled Surgery, physical guides may also allow for less invasive surgery. These are some reasons surgeons may recommend guides.

The North Shore Smile Surgery team is happy to discuss all treatment options with you. We'll look at your medical and dental history and recommend the best option for you. We always offer personalized and precise care for all of our patients. 

If you're considering a dental implant procedure, schedule a complimentary exam and cone beam scan (a $580 value) when you mention code SmilesByYomi! 


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