Dental anxiety is a real issue that millions of Americans face every day.

And few things inspire more dental anxiety than oral surgery.

We know this at North Shore Smile Surgery, but more importantly, we understand.

Even patients who have no problem going to the dentist for a cleaning and examination can become anxious when they know they need a procedure at our office in Buffalo Grove, IL.

We don’t take this personally. Instead, we redouble our efforts to help you feel comfortable when you are with us. We do this through our supportive and caring staff and through the use of sedation dentistry.

A Supportive Atmosphere

First and foremost, everyone in our office is here to help you.

For decades, we have been serving Buffalo Grove and the Chicago area. Our team has gotten to know when someone is nervous or anxious.

They are here to answer your questions, and if there is something they can do to help you feel more comfortable, please let them know.

This was a factor when we designed our office as well. We provide a television in each of our patient rooms, but it goes beyond that.

We don’t want our practice to feel clinical. We want you to feel cozy. This is why we provide cookies and beverages in our waiting area.

It’s also why we replaced the bright overhead lights that are common in many offices with headlamps. This allows our staff to see what they need to see without as much harsh light getting in your eyes.

We want to reiterate, if there is something we can do differently to help you relax, please let us know.

Sedation Options

Dr. Frank specializes in oral surgery. He has made continuing education a priority so he can provide the most effective treatment possible for all our patients.

But he’s never forgotten that patient comfort should be a priority as well. This is why we offer not one, not two, but four kinds of dental sedation in our practice.

One thing that sets us apart from many dental practices is that we are able to offer general anesthesia in our office.

Our office is ATLS certified, which is why we are able to provide this service. This is the same kind of anesthesia used in hospitals. To make sure this is as safe and as effective as possible, we continue our education in this field routinely.

Patients who undergo this kind of sedation will not remember anything about their procedure. They will need some time to rest and recuperate until the anesthesia wears off, however.

One step below general anesthesia is our IV sedation. This is another controlled, comfortable way to administer sedation dentistry. As with general anesthesia, you will need time to recover as the effects of your dental sedation wear off.

Oral sedation is for many patients a simpler way to achieve a relaxed, comfortable state and to relieve their feelings of anxiety.

With oral sedation, you will swallow medication before your procedure begins. We will wait for it to take effect before we begin this procedure.

Once again, the effects can last for a few hours with this form of sedation dentistry.

If you do elect to receive any of the sedation options mentioned above, you must have a trusted family member or friend available to drive you home.

The final form of dental sedation has been in used for more than 150 years. Nitrous oxide, which you may know as laughing gas, has many features that make it convenient for our patients.

It’s one of the simplest forms of sedation — all you have to do is breathe. When a mask is placed over your nose, you will inhale the gas. In a matter of minutes, you will feel the calming effects. The gas also prevents you from feeling any pain as long as you are breathing it.

At the end of your treatment, we turn the gas off. You breathe out whatever nitrous oxide remains in your system. Before you know it, you are back to feeling like yourself.

Many patients who receive nitrous oxide are ready to get on with the rest of the day.

Take A Deep Breath

No matter which form of sedation dentistry you choose, you can trust that it will be administered safely at our Buffalo Grove dentist office.

To learn more about our sedation options or any of our other services, all you have to do is call North Shore Smile Surgery at 847-276-2500 or contact us online.

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