"Made Me Feel Comfortable"

Dr. Frank is very friendly, very informative and he made me very comfortable in a situation where I was in pain and needed to have a tooth extracted. Dr. Garfield referred me to him because I was experiencing some pain and had an infection. He told me that the tooth had to be removed. There was an option of having an implant so he referred me to Dr. Frank. He said Dr. Frank was the best.

Gwen S.


Oh my God, Doctor Frank is amazing. He’s done two implants on me, and they were both incredible. Non-evasive feeling. Your sore the first day, and then your okay. Doctor Frank’s great. My smile he has improved by taking two abscess teeth out my mouth, that were in such pain. It made me feel so much better. 

Lauren E.

"I Would Absolutely Recommend Him"

I think Dr. Frank is jovial. He’s very friendly. He talks, but you can’t talk back. There’s really no pain when he does it, Dr. Frank. This is my third one, my third implant. I have cracked three teeth and he’s removed them and put the necessary posts and so on in to get implants.

James M.

"Very Competent & Very Comfortable"

I’ve had my primary care dentist for a very long time. I haven’t had need of an oral surgeon before. I was a little bit nervous about having this whole process done, but Dr. Frank is very competent and very comfortable and he makes you very much at ease when you’re in that chair. He explains what he’s going to do, he explains while he’s doing it and it makes you feel more relaxed.

Marge G.

"I’m Really Happy"

I came upon a tooth that was emergency broken, I didn’t know it was cracked. My dentist had to remove it immediately. I was in a lot of pain and I put off the next step which was putting an implant in. I avoided it because it was such a horrible, horrible feeling. I called up Dr. Frank and I said, “I need to get this done.” I came in and they said, “Why did you wait for a year?” I’m like, “I’m so overwhelmed with what happened.” He said, “Don’t worry, we’ll take care of it. If we need to add bone grafting, we will. If we don’t, we won’t.” 

Elyse F.

"Highly Recommended"

My dentist said, Doctor Frank came highly recommended. She said this is it. This is the only guy I want you to go to. She was right.

Michael K.

"Very Good, Good Work"

Dr. Frank has been very good, good work. When I come in here I don’t have to … I’m not sitting here waiting forever. They take care of me right away, and they get me out pretty quick. I’ve never been a big fan of going to dentist and I always dreaded getting teeth pulled. Anytime I’ve come here I’ve always felt at ease.

Ronald U.

"I Love Coming Here"

Dr. Frank is a wonderful dental .. A wonderful man, wonderful person. I love coming here even though it’s a dentist’s office.

Marilyn H.

"Very Happy With The Results"

Well, I had a problem with a bridge that had been in for approximately 15 years and it basically cracked the tooth that it was attached to. Dr. Frank was able to improve it by putting in implants and attaching a new bridge to those implants that he put in. 

Joseph C.


I was referred by Dr. Tejani in Arlington Heights. That’s why I came here. If you get one good dentist, and I did, they’re usually very good about recommending people who treat people like the way she did. I expected Scott to be friendly, I expected him to care about his patients, and that’s exactly what I found.

Paul D.

"An Amazing Person"

First of all, Dr. Frank is an amazing person. He’s kind, he’s gentle, and he’s very professional. Going to the dentist is scary, especially when you’re having oral surgery and major procedures done, but Dr. Frank really sets you at ease.

Nona D.

"I’m Very Happy"

I actually was going to have the procedure done with two other doctors before, and the dentist called me at home and said, “I think you should change, I don’t feel comfortable with you going to the doctor, for various reasons.”

Anne G.

"Very Professional"

Basically I came in because there was a bump on my tongue and my dentist was concerned and said, “You should go to an oral surgeon.” I knew Dr. Frank was the best, so I came here and he took his time, thoroughly examined me, and he suggested removing it, just to be safe. They did a biopsy, and I was very nervous, but turned out it was okay. He follows up with you and makes sure that you’re feeling okay, basically. I would say if you want to go to the best oral surgeon in Lake County, come to Dr. Frank, because he is very professional, dedicated, does perfect work, and he’s very caring and he’s a wonderful doctor and person.

Christine R.

"He’s Very Personable"

I love coming to this practice because the staff is very friendly. I enjoy coming in there. They’re nice people. The atmosphere is very warm, very clean office, and of course, Dr. Frank is a very nice person. I’ve worked with for many years and I’m also a patient of his. He makes you feel at ease.

Dr Lynn Marie K.

"Very Comfortable"

Dr. Scott has been great. He makes you very comfortable and some of the things that you may be going through as far as surgeries or anything like that, it can be a little scary. Dr. Scott just makes you feel at ease.

Laura R.


Every aspect of the experience was positive. I was referred by my dentist and from the administrative and scheduling process to the actual procedure everything was extremely professional. 

Marty S.


First of all, Dr. Frank is an amazing person. He’s kind, he’s gentle, and he’s very professional. Going to the dentist is scary, especially when you’re having oral surgery and major procedures done, but Dr. Frank really sets you at ease.

Nancy J.