I love coming to this practice because the staff is very friendly. I enjoy coming in there. They’re nice people. The atmosphere is very warm, very clean office, and of course, Dr. Frank is a very nice person. I’ve worked with for many years and I’m also a patient of his. He makes you feel at ease.

I enjoy talking to him. He’ll talk to you for a bit. You feel more like a friend. He’s very personable. He likes to joke around which I like too. That makes you feel at ease as well. I came in because I cracked a tooth. He was able to diagnose the tooth which most doctors can’t do because he has a CAT [inaudible 00:00:37]. I was unsure whether or not I could fix the tooth or whether or not it had to be extracted.

Being a dentist, I know exactly what they do. I know exactly what tools they pick up, so it’s sometimes more nerve-wracking knowing too much, but he makes you feel very comfortable and that was important. During the procedure I felt pretty comfortable. I didn’t have any pain. I didn’t have any anxiety and I felt like I was in good hands. The implant will definitely give me improvement as far as chewing. I don’t have to work about a bridge which compromises the teeth on either side. It will definitely improve my overall health, my chewing, and of course my smile, and that’s important.

Dr Lynn Marie Konzen