I actually was going to have the procedure done with two other doctors before, and the dentist called me at home and said, “I think you should change, I don’t feel comfortable with you going to the doctor, for various reasons.”

That’s when I came to Dr. Frank, the dentist recommended Dr. Frank, and the minute I walked in and I started talking to him and his staff I felt a whole lot better, I was much happier.

It made it very easy for me to come. I had an implant put in, and from the minute I called they made it very simple to come in, very personal. They made it very easy for me to work with my insurance company, they did everything before I had to come.

They told me what I was going to have to pay, what the insurance would pay. Before I sat into the chair we went over all the medication. As a nurse I thought that was kind of important, to know what to expect before and after.

Went through the procedure, they reviewed it again as I walked out. Then I got a call the next day, so they followed up. Very very efficient, and well done I thought. I’ve recommended Dr. Frank to so many people already, and they’ve all had very good experiences too, so I’m very happy.

Anne Grego