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New Doctor Success Program

To our Referring Doctors,  

I hope this note finds you, your family, your team and all your patients safe and healthy.

As you know, I hold much gratitude for the trust you place in North Shore Smile Surgery to treat the patients you refer to us.  I remain committed to supporting you, your team and your practice in any way possible.

Along those lines, I am very excited to bring to you a comprehensive program to help your practice increase production and recover faster, better and deeper.  I appreciate our working relationship and all the support you have provided through your referrals. Now it is my turn to help you.

As my gift to referring doctors,  I will be providing a complimentary educational program that focuses on two essential things – helping your practice recover as quickly as possible from the COVID-19 crisis, and setting the practice up on solid business systems to ensure future practice success.

The practice development program was developed by Levin Group, a leading dental management consulting firm, founded by Roger P. Levin DDS. Levin Group has worked with over 30,000 practices since 1985 and has a well-established track record of increasing practice production through the implementation of systems, scripting and team training.

Dr. Levin and the team at Levin Group have played a favorable role in helping to guide the profession through the current crisis, having developed numerous high-value strategies focused on practice recovery to augment their already impressive catalog of proven training curriculum centered on increasing practice production.

Normally, this information would only be available to their clients. But I have engaged Levin Group to provide information and education to our referring doctors to help them navigate the recovery, understand the next "normal" and maintain successful practices. This is all part of my gratitude for our referring doctors and our commitment to a mutually beneficial working relationship.

Every two weeks, I will send a packet of valuable information on very specific business management topics for practice success by email. The content of each packet (a mix of tools, scripts and checklists) is designed to help your team dramatically upgrade key business systems of your practice including: Scheduling, Reactivating Patients, Managing Overhead and Expenses, Internal Marketing, Team Development, Customer Service, The New Patient Experience and Case Acceptance.

These have been designed as easy-to-understand-and-implement, high value strategies that have been proven effective in practices throughout the country. Basically, you will receive easy-to-implement concepts to develop your key business systems, every two weeks as my gift.

Practices that act on these recommendations will typically experience higher production, revenue and profit which are the three key factors in a successful recovery. With these effective training materials, you will have an opportunity to make meaningful changes that will allow your practice to succeed.

Additionally,  I will also be inviting you to attend a live monthly webinar with Dr. Levin that will focus on one specific additional topic that month, for the benefit of your practice. These webinars will also include a Question & Answer session, and each will be recorded in the event you are not able to watch it in real time.

As always, if there’s anything else I can ever do to be of service to you please feel free to let me know.  I value our relationship.

All the best,

Scott Frank, DDS


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