With 30 years of experience, a comfortable atmosphere, and the latest in robotic dental technology, we're dedicated to giving you the confident smile you deserve. 



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Decades of Experience

Since 1988, Dr. Scott Frank has performed thousands of oral surgeries, including dental implantation, tooth extraction and the All-On-4 procedure.

The Latest Technology

With 3D scanners, an FDA-approved dental robot, and a virtual lab experience, we're at the digital forefront of oral surgery.

Relaxed Atmosphere

Our newly renovated and expanded office is designed to make you feel comfortable whether you're here for a consultation or a surgical procedure.

Top Patient Care

With a nearly 5-star rating and 600 reviews on Google, we pride ourselves on providing quality care for all of our patients.


MEET DR. Scott Frank

An Expert In Oral Surgery

Dr. Scott Frank is an expert on oral surgery services ranging from wisdom teeth removal to dental implants. Since opening his practice in 1988, Dr. Frank has served thousands of patients in the north and northwest Chicago suburbs with compassion, dedication, and surgical excellence. He continually improves his knowledge through CE courses and even directs the premier study club, Elite Dental Group, for dental professionals in the area.

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Our Services

Whether your dentist recently recommended getting a tooth extracted or you've been thinking about replacing all your teeth with implants, we're here to help you determine how you can best improve your oral health.


Combining the All-On-4® concept with advanced implant techniques and technologies, ReVita Smile® gives you strong, new teeth in as little as one day.

Details About All-on-4

Dental Implants

Do you suffer from weak teeth or dental issues? Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that provide a permanent base for fixed, replacement teeth.

Details About Dental Implants

Wisdom Teeth Removal

We offer personalized treatment plans for both tooth removal and wisdom tooth removal procedures.

Details About Wisdom Teeth Removal

Teeth Removal/Extractions

Dr. Frank will make several options available to you for you to select from should you need a tooth or multiple teeth extracted. 

Details About Extractions

Bone Grafting

When the loss of a tooth leaves you with deteriorating bone, the best solution is receiving a bone graft.

Details About Bone Grafting


Our periodontal services include gum disease treatment, tissue regeneration, implant dentistry, and more.

Details About Periodontics

Advanced Technology at North Shore Smile Surgery



Quick and accurate

We get more precise and detailed information than traditional x-rays, including bone structure, nerves, and sinuses, which leads to better treatment plans and better outcomes for you.



No time-consuming and messy "goop" required

Our 3D scanners allow you to immediately see what we see on a screen in full color, providing accurate models which can be used to complete a virtual surgery and create surgical guides.



We don't leave anything to chance

We use your 3D x-rays and digital impressions to plan and rehearse your surgery before you ever sit down in the treatment chair, leading to fewer complications and faster recovery time.



Our technology works together for your benefit

These key digital components allow us to place a 3D surgical guide during your procedure to implement the virtual plan. This helps to avoid vital structures, requires less time, and obtains ideal results.

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The Proof is in the Smile

I would say if you want to go to the best oral surgeon in Lake County, come to Dr. Frank, because he is very professional, dedicated, does perfect work, and he’s very caring and he’s a wonderful doctor and person. He follows up to make sure you're okay. Dr. Frank is the best.

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Oral Surgery Patient

The first time seeing my full set of teeth was shocking. I was miserable for 15 years, and now my kids love seeing me smile. I've loved every second of it. It's been one of the best investments I've made in myself, more than a car, more than a home. It changes who you are.

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Dental Implant Patient

From the very beginning they gave me options that I could afford. I am very happy that I went through with the full arch procedure because it has given me the most that I could do with my smile. Even now, after everything is done, I can still call for anything.

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Full Arch Dental Implants Patient

It's unbelievable that these beautiful teeth belong to me. I can eat and drink whatever I want. I smile a lot. I'm grateful for the rest of my life. It's life-changing what Dr. Frank did. The gift he gives to people is priceless.

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Helga, Full Arch Dental Implants Patient

I was extremely impressed by the professionalism, the staff, the technology. I was very excited that [ReVita Smile] could be done in one day. I knew I was in the right place. It's something I can't speak highly enough about. My only regret is that I don't get to come back on a regular basis.

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John, Dental Implant Patient

I want to thank Dr. Frank for saving my life because I was down in the dumps [before ReVita Smile]. He took on a difficult case and took care of me. They're very warm people. I can smile now!

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Joyce, Full Arch Dental Implants Patient
Dr. Frank is very friendly, he explains the procedures, he tells you what you're going to be in for, and then he executes. I was able to walk the aisle at my daughter's wedding with a smile on my face. 

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Joseph Cvinar
Dental Implant Patient
Dr. Frank is very friendly, very informative, and he made me very comfortable in a situation where I was in pain and needed to have a tooth extracted. I can say that Dr. Frank really helped me out in this situation.

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Gwen Smoot
Tooth Extraction Patient

I love coming to this practice because the staff is very friendly. I enjoy coming in there. They’re nice people. The atmosphere is very warm, very clean office, and of course, Dr. Frank is a very nice person. I’ve worked with him for many years and I’m also a patient of his. He makes you feel at ease.

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Dr. Lynn Marie Konzen
Dental Implant Patient

[Dr. Frank] personally called me each time I had a procedure and he seemed genuinely interested in how I was faring. He is exceptional in explaining what the procedure is going to be like. He really seems to care.

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Marty Singer
Dental Implant Patient

From the minute I called, [North Shore Smile Surgery] made it very simple to come in. They made it very easy for me to work with my insurance company; they did everything before I had to come. I've recommended Dr. Frank to so many people already, and they've all had good experiences too. 

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Anne Grego
Dental Implant Patient
Doctor Frank is amazing. He’s done two implants on me, and they were both incredible. Non-invasive feeling. Now I can chew on both sides. Dr. Frank told me that he would make my smile beautiful again, and he did. 

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Lauren Ellwood
Dental Implant Patient
He never gets upset, nothing seems too difficult for him. He’s always willing to see me, or any of his patients, whenever you have a problem. You never feel like you’re bothering Dr. Frank.

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Nancy Jason
All-on-4 Patient
Dr. Frank came highly recommended. I mean [my dentist] said, "This is the only guy I want you to go to." And she was right. I haven't had any problems since [I got my implants]. None. The implants are amazing!

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Michael Kinyon
Dental Implant Patient
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