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Not All Dentists Are Created Equal

After completing another outstanding Seattle Study Club educational program, I am reminded that not all doctors are created equal. While most dentists are eternal students, the majority focus on becoming great doctors of teeth. 
Exceptional dentists, such as those found in the Elite Dental Group, are eternal students of so much more.  We recognize that the teeth and mouth are part of a body, a face, a brain and a heart.


It is recognized that oral health is a clear indication of body health.  Often, early clues to many diseases can be identified such as diabetes, cardiovascular compromise, gastrointestinal issues and many inflammatory diseases.  Furthermore, an unhealthy mouth creates risks to many organs of the body.  The exceptional dentist continues to learn about how the oral cavity relates to the whole body. 

A great smile is more than just nice, straight teeth.   Every smile is unique and must be designed with each person’s lip and facial framework.  Today’s exceptional dentist evaluates facial dimensions, profile, lip movement and patient preferences. 



There are many technological advances to enhance facial evaluation and obtain predictable outcomes.  Advanced dentists embrace technology.

Technology also allows the exceptional dentist to recognize a patient’s brain.  All the greatest knowledge and skill is useless if we are unable to help patients’ understand and visualize the treatment and its benefits. 

Technology provides the ability to “show the patient what the dentist sees.”  This enhances understanding and allows patients to make a better, informed decision about oral health. By accepting innovative technologies, we as dentists are showing our patients that their experience is the top priority. By simplifying and figuring out the most effective methods to treat patients, we can further succeed in providing the highest quality care.

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Finally, the exceptional dentist treats patients’ hearts.  No, dentists do not perform cardiac procedures.  They treat patient hearts by caring.  Listening to a patient's concerns, fears, and desires provides a higher level of care.  Exceptional dentists continue to seek education on how to best communicate effectively… because they care.

Yes, dentists are eternal students of dentistry.  But exceptional dentists are also eternal students of technology, communication and whole patient wellness.  At Elite Dental Group, we're not just about techniques, we're about creating total patient care.

Founded in 2005, the best dentists in North and Northwest Chicago Suburbs and the surrounding areas join the Elite Dental Group to stay connected, advance knowledge, continually grow and be on top of dental trends, and ultimately deliver the best results for their patients.

The Elite Dental Group is designated as an Approved PACE Program Provider by the Academy of General Dentistry. The formal continuing education programs with us are accepted by AGD for Fellowship, Mastership and membership maintenance credit.

Learn more about the Elite Dental Group or join us as a guest at one our events! 


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